Vilmorin & Cie



Strong presence on international markets

The internationalization of Vilmorin & Cie’s activities is the driving force for its development on a global seeds market.

All the stages in the development of a seed have acquired an international dimension: research sites are spread out all over the world, seeds are produced in the two hemispheres, while the products themselves are distributed in the main zones where the seeds are used.

The internationalization of Vilmorin & Cie’s activities combines organic and external growth, implying acquisitions, strategic alliances and partnerships.
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Analysis of sales in 2021-2022 according to geographical area
(as a % – sales of products)


Anticipating the potential of each development zone

Vilmorin & Cie makes 43% of its sales outside Europe and has sites in 49 countries. The Company is pursuing its development plan both on the vegetable seed and field seed markets, on mature markets (Europe, Maghreb, Middle East and North America) and emerging zones (Asia, South America and Africa).