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Vegetable Seeds

A world leader

Vilmorin & Cie creates, produces and distributes novel vegetable seeds for professional vegetable production. Its customers are market gardeners and indirectly processors, specialists in canning and deep-freezing. 

A diversified product portfolio

Vilmorin & Cie’s product line-up comprises more than 80 different crops, around 40 of which Vilmorin & Cie develops research programs, including the most widely consumed throughout the world: tomato, sweet (bell) and hot pepper, onion, watermelon, carrot, cucumber, melon, lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, sweet corn, bean, summer squash, etc. Highly diversified, Vilmorin & Cie’s product portfolio also comprises local crops such as witloof chicory in France, fennel in Italy, kabocha squash, mustard spinach and Cantonese cabbage in Asian countries and tomatillo in Mexico.

For several crops Vilmorin & Cie holds leading world positions: No. 1 in tomato, the top vegetable crop in the world in terms of value, but also in carrot, melon, green bean and cauliflower, and No. 2 in bell pepper and summer squash. Similarly, as far as local crops are concerned, Vilmorin & Cie is, for example, No. 1 in fennel, witloof chicory and corn salad.

Strengthen world leadership by combining organic growth with external growth

To consolidate its position as No. 1 worldwide in vegetable seeds, Vilmorin & Cie needs to:

  • Maintain organic growth higher than that of the market, thanks to the virtuous circle of innovation combined with close proximity to its markets, and permanent optimization of the efficiency of the Vegetable Seeds activity.
  • Strengthen positions through targeted external growth operations.
  • Achieve a global footprint and become a leader on all markets with strong ambitions in Asia and all the strategic crops.

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