Vilmorin & Cie


In Brief

The 4th largest seed company in the world and pure play in its sector

Vilmorin & Cie creates, produces and distributes seeds for vegetable and field seeds with high added value, contributing to meeting global food requirements in a context of accelerating climatic, environmental and demographic challenges.

Vilmorin & Cie is a historical expert in plant breeding, with around 6,000 varieties in its portfolio and several hundred new varieties marketed each year. It has become an international leader, offering all forms of agriculture, on all continents, the capacity to produce more and to produce better, while preserving the independence and freedom of choice of farmers and vegetable growers with regard to their other production factors.

Vilmorin & Cie relies on research and development for its ongoing growth, by investing more than 16% of its sales in R&D each year, and on the controlled internationalization of its business activities, in order to durably strengthen its competitive positions in the long term on structurally buoyant world markets.

True to its long-term vision of development, Vilmorin & Cie’s strategy and performance are based on respect for the values shared with its parent company and reference Shareholder, the agricultural cooperative Limagrain: progress, perseverance and cooperation.

A world leader in seeds

As the 4th largest seed company in the world Vilmorin & Cie is dedicated to its unique and historic business of seed. It is a pure play company and so does not operate in the agrochemical sector.

Vilmorin & Cie’s activities are organized around two main divisions – Vegetable Seeds and Field Seeds -, along with a Garden Products business, aimed at the general public. The organization of each division into Business Units guarantees close proximity to the markets.


Seeds, at the heart of food challenges
By 2050, food production will have to increase by 60% in order to feed nearly 10 billion of people and thus meet the world demographic growth. Producing more and producing better will be the main challenge in a context where the trend is towards a gradual reduction in arable land and growing conditions are becoming more complex. Vilmorin & Cie’s aim is to contribute to meeting the world’s food challenges by creating more efficient seeds (yield, resistance to diseases, adaptation to different climates and territories, etc.)
Sources : FAO & UN / IFPRI 2018.

The competitive positions indicated are based on disclosures available at the end of 2021.
(1) Limagrain Cereal Seeds and Limagrain South America were merged on July 1, 2022 to form the Business Unit Limagrain Americas.
(2) Bearing in mind the application of the standard IFRS 11, AgReliant (a 50/50 joint venture with the German seed group KWS) has been recorded in the accounts using the equity method since fiscal year 2014-2015.
(2) Including the Holdings.
(3) Compensation for these services and the corresponding flows are set out in Note 34 of the Notes to Vilmorin & Cie’s consolidated financial statements.