Vilmorin & Cie



A history of solid development

Strengthened by an exceptional heritage, built up over almost 280 years of prestigious history, Vilmorin & Cie today benefits from one of the widest and most diversified expertise and genetic heritages in the world, a true reference in the seeds sector.

Key stages in development

1993: Introduction to the Paris stock market
Development in Vegetable Seeds
In 1993, Vilmorin & Cie, which combined all Limagrainā€™s Vegetable Seeds and Garden Products activities, entered the Paris stock market with a single ambition: to aim for world leadership on its markets.

2006-2007 : Integration of Limagrainā€™s Field SeedsĀ 
Vilmorin & Cie Vilmorin & Cie set out to pursue its expansion and consolidate the financial performances it had achieved since its introduction to the Paris stock market. With the support of its reference Shareholder Limagrain, in 2006 Vilmorin & Cie integrated Limagrainā€™s Field Seeds activity into its scope.

Since 2007: acceleration of development and internationalizationĀ Ā 
Internationalization of the Vegetable Seeds activity was strengthened through the creation of a seed unit in Japan, acquisitions in the United States, in Turkey, in India and in Vietnam.
With global ambitions in corn and in wheat, at the same time the Field Seeds activity enjoyed fast acceleration, and Vilmorin & Cie progressively set up business in all parts of the world.

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