Vilmorin & Cie


Business Model

Vilmorin & Cie’s aim is to contribute to meeting the world’s food challenges, through its high value-added seeds. In a business sector that is characterized by the strong concentration of its players, and driven by research and internationalization, Vilmorin & Cie focuses its development on a specific economic model, with the following three major, singular advantages.

A single core business: seeds

Vilmorin & Cie is a pure player in seeds, not involved in agrochemicals, unlike many players who offer all-in solutions. Vilmorin & Cie is thus the world’s leading non-agrochemical seed company.

Active throughout the value chain, from research to distribution, Vilmorin & Cie controls all the stages in its seed business, proposing high quality seeds, perfectly adapted to each of its target markets..

Very close proximity to markets

Vilmorin & Cie has chosen to organize each of its activities around Business Units, in order to focus on proximity to its multiple markets.

This organization model, specific to Vilmorin & Cie, is a great strength. It guarantees very close proximity to its customers, excellent knowledge of its markets, which are highly segmented both in terms of products and regions, along with a real capacity to anticipate and to react.

A long-term vision of its development

The long-term is a key component in the professions of farmer and seed producer because it takes 7 to 10 years on average to create a seed.

The long-term is also an important cultural feature of Limagrain, with its source partly in the farmer members of the cooperative, above all concerned to ensure the vitality and lasting success of their farms.