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Strong, permanent investment in research

Research is at the heart of Vilmorin & Cie’s strategic vision: it ensures growth for the future through the development of more efficient seeds (yield, disease resistance, taste, etc.). Plant improvement is the key to creating value and competitiveness for seed companies.

Research, the source of new market share gains

The mission of research is to develop new seed varieties to meet the needs of the different players in this sector: farmers, vegetable producers, but also industrialists, distributors and consumers.

The objective is to create high quality seeds with greater added value as quickly as possible.

In this way innovation generates decisive commercial advantages, making it possible to win new market shares.

Vilmorin & Cie’s research focuses

  • Permanently enrich genetic resources, fundamental for prolonged seed production.
  • Accelerate the breeding process which requires 7 to 10 years, by using plant biotechnology.
  • Develop strategic partnerships to enrich upstream research, gain access to new skills and technologies, and extend existing genetic bases.

To find out more about strategic partnerships, go to the section External Growth

Plant biotechnology, to accelerate the plant breeding process

The work of plant breeding is facilitated by the use of plant biotechnology (molecular biology, transgenesis, etc.).

These tools can help to gain time and be more efficient, as the result of a better understanding of plant genomes. On average, 2 to 3 years can be gained in the plant breeding process.

New Breeding Techniques that are complementary to those used historically have modernized the toolbox used by today’s breeders.

In 2017-2018, Vilmorin & Cie devoted 14% of its research investment to the development and integration of plant biotechnology.

Worldwide research locations

Since each region of the world is unique, new varieties created must be tested in true conditions of soil, climate, disease, etc. For this purpose, Vilmorin & Cie relies on its organization combining cross-company resources and sites that are as close as possible to its target markets, along with the expertise of its research teams.


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