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Vilmorin Jardin launches an organic line-up of useful plants for home gardens

Garden Products

With “Useful plants for home gardens“, the Business Unit Vilmorin Jardin is now offering home gardeners natural solutions for enriching the soil, with a wide range of useful plants, grown to nourish, care for and embellish the garden.

This new offer, which includes different varieties such as alfalfa, white clover and buckwheat, allows you to sow at different times of the year and thus prepare the soil for your vegetable garden 8 to 10 months in advance.

It is advisable to let the plants grow until they bloom and then crush and bury them in the soil. Even though these plants have specific advantages, they also share certain benefits: they optimize the fertility of the soil, protect its surface from drying out, and they also attract pollinating insects, providing interaction between fauna and flora.

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