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Vegetable Seeds : TERAPUR, an alternative nematode control solution

In January 2021, Vilmorin-Mikado launched TERAPUR, a “soil cleanup” carrot to combat Heterodera carotae nematodes.
This innovation acts as a trap crop and enables replacing chemical products with a more eco-friendly, plant-based solution.
Its distribution in France began in January 2021 and will now expand to other markets.

In 2018, Vilmorin-Mikado presented its latest innovation : a “soil cleanup” carrot against Heterodera carotae (cyst nematodes).
After two years of development, in collaboration with SILEBAN(1) and a dozen growers in La Manche (France), the trials conducted in 2020 confirmed the variety’s resistance and effectiveness. They also made it possible to refine the sowing density and optimize the duration and crop market niche, as well as determine where it fits in crop rotation programs that include carrot and other marketed crops (leeks, carrots, barley, etc.).

TERAPUR is the commercial name chosen for this variety, pointing to the notions of “Earth” (terra) and “Purity.”
Its distribution began in France in January 2021 in the Creances production area in Normandy. It will next expand to other markets.​

How it works?

The nematode Heterodera carotae is present throughout the world but is particularly problematic in Europe, due to the ban on using chemical molecules to combat it, and it can result in up to 90% yield loss.

TERAPUR is not a carrot for consumption. It works like a trap crop: the nematodes entering the rootlets are not able to multiply because of the feeder site being bad. It is thus used to rid the field of pests with a view to future cultivation of a consumable carrot variety, with an efficacy level of between 40% and 80%.

Its optimal duration for growing is 3 months, at the end of which it must be mechanically destroyed before a marketed crop is planted.

TERAPUR, an agroecological alternative

(1) SILEBAN: Investment and Development Company for Vegetable and Horticultural Crops in Lower Normandy (France).

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