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Launch of the “NO-ND New Delhi resistance” summer squash line-up

After several years of research, the Business Unit HM.CLAUSE has developed a line-up of “NO-ND” summer squash grown under shelter, resistant to the New Delhi virus. The first varieties were launched in spring 2021, in Italy and Spain, followed by further launches in fall 2021. This is a significant innovation given the virulence of this virus, which causes enormous damage to crops and makes fruit unfit for consumption.

NO-ND New Delhi resistance summer squash

Known since 1992 in India for the damage it caused on tomato, the New Delhi virus (TolCNDV) was identified as of 2012 on cucurbits in Spain. So the HM.CLAUSE teams were fully mobilized to offer a high-performance and efficient genetic solution for growers.

Vilmorin & Cie is now continuing its research work in order to extend this range to other cycles and other types of fruit.

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