Vilmorin & Cie


The Consultative Committee for Shareholders

Why have a Shareholders’ Committee?

For its 13,000 individual Shareholders, Vilmorin & Cie has set up a specific organization of measures to maintain a privileged relationship with them. In particular, it relies on the Consultative Committee for Shareholders (CCS), to better understand the expectations of individual shareholders and permanently improve its communication with them, ensuring clear explanations and transparency.

What is the composition of the Committee?

The Committee comprises six of Vilmorin & Cie’s individual Shareholders and two Board Members from Limagrain. It is managed by the Group’s Chief Financial Officer and the financial communication team.

How are the member-shareholders chosen?

Formed in the spring of 2010, one third of the Committee is renewed every two years. Member recruitment is carried out on the basis of application files received, then selection by the Directors members of the Committee and the financial communication team.

How are the meetings conducted?

The Committee meets twice a year at different Vilmorin & Cie’s sites. These meetings generally last a full day. The morning is devoted to an informative meeting with a financial update on Vilmorin & Cie, as well as to the different projects of the Commitee (Annual Shareholders’ Meeting, letters to shareholders, organization of thematic conferences for individual shareholders, etc.). The afternoon most often involves a visit to one of Vilmorin & Cie’s site, or to a customer. A third working meeting takes place by conference call.

Members list : 

Alain BALESDENT Members since May 2022
Xavier CHOCHEYRAS* Member since February 2022
Béatrice BLUNTZER Member since May 2022
Pascale DEVERAUX Member since May 2018
Marielle BOILE* Member since March 2021
Michel GUERILLOT Member since May 2018
Claire CHARMETTE Member since May 2020
Jean-Claude PETIT Member since May 2018


* Marielle BOILE and Xavier CHOCHEYRAS are Board Members from Limagrain.