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In Brief

Seeds, at the heart of world food challenges

By the year 2050, food production will need to be increased by 70%, in order to feed almost 10 billion people and thus meet the needs of the world’s growing population. It will therefore be necessary to produce more, but also produce better in a context marked by the erosion of arable land.

Vilmorin & Cie’s ambition is to contribute to meeting world food challenges by developing more efficient seeds (yield, disease resistance, better adaptation to different climates and regions, etc.).

A world leader in seeds

Vilmorin & Cie is one of the world leaders of the seeds sector. It develops business around three activities, two of which represent its core business: vegetable seeds and field seeds, along with the garden seeds activity.

As No. 2 worldwide for vegetable seeds and No.6 worldwide for Field Seeds, Vilmorin & Cie relies on sustained investment in research and a strong international development strategy to sustainably strengthen its competitive positions.

A specific development model

Vilmorin & Cie’s development model relies on three major, singular advantages: a single core business of seed, a close proximity to its markets and a long-term vision of its development. This development model draws strength from the fact it adheres to three founding values, shared with its reference shareholder Limagrain: progress, perseverance and cooperation.

It is also founded on more than 275 years of prestigious history dedicated to plant improvement.

A single core business of seed

Vilmorin & Cie is a pure play seed company and is not involved in agro-chemicals. From research to distribution the company is active in all stages of the value chain, proposing high quality seeds, perfectly adapted to each of its target markets.

A close proximity to its markets

Each of Vilmorin & Cie’s activities is organized in Business Units, guaranteeing greater proximity to its customers and target markets. This model provides excellent knowledge of a market that is highly segmented in terms of products and geographical influence. It guarantees Vilmorin & Cie with an excellent capacity to anticipate and to respond.


A long-term vision of its development

The long-term is central key to a seed company since on average it takes 7 to 10 years to create a new seed variety.

Vilmorin & Cie’s long-term vision is strengthened by the consistent accompaniment of Limagrain, whose culture and governance model encourage lasting strategic choices.

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