Vilmorin & Cie



Stable governance guaranteeing a long-term strategy

Vilmorin & Cie attaches the greatest importance to the quality of its governance, which is strongly marked by two particular aspects: the fact it is a seed company with the need for a long-term vision, and its reference shareholder, Limagrain, an international agricultural cooperative group. To find out more about Limagrain, go to

Vilmorin & Cie’s governance is organized around the Board of Directors, the General Management and the Executive Committee.

The Board of Directors

Vilmorin & Cie’s Board of Directors comprises seven members, who mainly come from Limagrain. They are specialized in agriculture and agronomy, and experts in seeds.

Composition of the Vilmorin & Cie’s Board of Directors on June 30, 2022:

  1. Sébastien VIDAL, Chairman & CEO
  2. Géraldine BÖRTLEIN, independent Board Member
  3. Marie-Yvonne CHARLEMAGNE, independent Board Member
  4. Séverine DARSONVILLE, Board Member
  5. Benoist DE SAINT LAGER, Board Member representing Bpifrance Investissement
  6. Eric GRELICHE, Board Member
  7. Pierre-Antoine RIGAUD, Board Member

The Board of Directors consolidates its work through two specialized committees:

  • The Audit and Risk Management Committee,
  • The Strategic Committee. 

The General Management and the Executive Committee

Vilmorin & Cie’s General Management is the responsibility of the Chairman of the Board. He is assisted in his mission by the CEO.

The Executive Committee is led by Franck BERGER, CEO of Vilmorin & Cie; its vocation is primarily to propose strategic orientations to the Board and then to ensure their implementation.

  1. Franck BERGER, CEO
  2. Rémi BASTIEN, CEO Vegetable Seeds division
  3. Anthony CARVALHO, CFO
  4. Quiterie FOULET, VP for Human Resources
  5. Régis FOURNIER, CEO Field Seeds division