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Stable governance guaranteeing a long-term strategy

Vilmorin & Cie attaches the greatest importance to the quality of its governance, which is strongly marked by two particular aspects: the fact it is a seed company with the need for a long-term vision, and its reference shareholder, Limagrain, an international agricultural cooperative group. To find out more about Limagrain, go to

Vilmorin & Cie’s governance is organized around the Board of Directors, the General Management and the Executive Committee.

The Board of Directors

Vilmorin & Cie’s Board of Directors comprises six members, who mainly come from Limagrain. They are specialized in agriculture and agronomy, and experts in seeds.

  • Sébastien VIDAL, Chairman and CEO, Farmer and Vice-Chairman of Limagrain
  • Philippe BLATEYRON, Member of the Board, Farmer and Vice-Chairman of Limagrain
  • Annick BRUNIER, Member of the Board, Farmer, and Member of the Board of Limagrain
  • Marie-Yvonne CHARLEMAGNE, Independent Member of the Board
  • Mary DUPONT-MADINIER, Independent Member of the Board
  • Claude RAYNAUD, Member of the Board, Farmer and Vice-Chairman of Limagrain
  • Pascal VIGUIER, Member of the Board, Farmer and Chairman of Limagrain

The Board of Directors consolidates its work through two specialized committees:

  • The Audit and Risk Management Committee,
  • The Strategic Committee. 

The General Management and the Executive Committee

Vilmorin & Cie’s General Management is the responsibility of Sébastien VIDAL, Chairman of the Board. He is assisted in his mission by Daniel JACQUEMOND, CEO.

The Executive Committee comprises 5 members; its vocation is primarily to propose strategic orientations to the Board and then to ensure their implementation.

From left to right on the photo:

  • Olivier FALUT,  Chief Financial Officer,
  • Agnès MISTRETTA, VP for Human Resources,
  • Franck BERGER, CEO of the Vegetable Seeds division,
  • Régis FOURNIER, CEO of the Field Seeds division.

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