Vilmorin & Cie


A CSR program anchored in the Vilmorin & Cie’s DNA

Vilmorin & Cieā€™s CSR program is based on that of Limagrain, its parent company and reference Shareholder, with whom the Company shares the values of progress, perseverance and cooperation.

It is structured around three CSR priorities:

1/ Contributing to the lasting progress of agriculture through seeds

As a seed company, Vilmorin & Cie’s have a crucial role to guarantee world agricultural production.
Seed innovation and genetic progress must enable farmers to grow varieties with improved performances, to produce more and also to produce better, and to provide solutions for all types of agriculture.

  • ProposingĀ innovative and responsible solutions from plant genetics for all agricultural models (varieties more productive, better adapted to the climates and specificities of the different regions, more resistant and with improved nutritional qualities). Thus, it’s the solutions, helping farmers to rise to major agricultural and food challenges. Indeed, they make agricultural production more efficient.
  • Protecting and enrichingĀ plant biodiversity
  • NurturingĀ societal dialogue on seed issues

2/ Acting responsibly

To develop in France and internationally, Vilmorin & Cie operates responsibly, respecting all the players in its environment, including the men and women of its organization, its Shareholders, its customers, its suppliers, not to mention associations, politicians, as well as end consumers and civil society.

  • FosteringĀ the professional fulfilment of employees, by making the development of human capital a priority to enable each person to contribute to the development of the Company and to fulfil themselves in their work.
  • ActingĀ in accordance with its Ethical Principles andĀ Code of Conduct provides employees with ethical references and the rules they must comply with, while inviting them to adopt an individual approach to questioning situations. The groupā€™s ethical whistleblowing system is available via the group Intranet for all employees, as well as to external third parties.
  • LimitingĀ the environmental impact of business activities, through the natural ressources limitations and the development of circular economy (quantification and recovering waste)

3/ Encouraging cooperation

Vilmorin & Cie favours dialogue with its stakeholders and the development of a partnership approach.

In addition to the numerous scientific agreements with public and private research laboratories in France and internationally, partnerships are made in regions where the Company operates with the ambition to build up new ways of working together and creating value with local stakeholders.
It is thanks to these close and long-standing ties with the players in its ecosystem that the Company is able to continuously improve its performance.

  • PromotingĀ a shared culture
  • Getting involvedĀ with local communities in regions where the Company operates, respecting local cultures and specificities. Thanks to its organization model, Vilmorin & Cie is actively involved, either directly or through its subsidiaries, in various social, societal and humanitarian actions. Vilmorin & Cie has adopted a framework for a societal commitment with the aim of developing sustainable, efficient chains with local stakeholders.

173 societal and philanthropic initiatives


In order to strengthen its CSR commitments, since 2013 Vilmorin & Cie has committed to respecting the principles of the United Nations Global Compact, through its reference shareholder Limagrain. Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā